Then when room inspections came I put her on the walls and she

So I had her terrarium and I put rubber ducks in it. Then when room inspections came I put her on the walls and she climb to the top for warms and hide up there. When they asked about the terrarium I just told them it was for my rubber ducks.. This is why intent is relevant though because intent would turn negligence into assualt/battery depending on the definition used in the criminal codeCertain parts of the stadium are reserved for supporters of a particular team. The behind goals sections at the international matches are often reserved, and a Russian fan would have probably found it difficult to get a ticket to those seats.Further, it the home side that answers for the safety and security, and they held responsible for the fans except those in the sectors allocated to the away side. There was a case just like that in Russian football last season a keeper was hit by a flare early in the game, and then the home side was awarded the 3 0 win, because the flare was thrown from a seat specifically allocated to the away side..

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